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Here you will find everything relating to nutritional cooking with foods that are healthy and healing.

I started this website about nutritional cooking to further my research into healing foods, and healthy cooking techniques and to share them with those searching for a healthier eating style.

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Healing foods and cravings

I experimented with many eating plans throughout my life. But they were all upended by my cravings for comfort food. The bigger problem was that they never improved my overall health consistently or healed my ailments. Or worse, they were expensive to maintain plus I never made sense of them except that they sounded healthy.

So, I embarked on a journey of personal research because I wanted to learn how to eat the foods I wanted to eat and craved, without sacrificing my well-being.

Like most people, I was good with starting an eating plan with the best intention and then leaving it shortly after.

I realized I gave up on it because I was just uninspired and overspent with no progress or results to show for it.

I didn’t slim down, I did not get healthier and worse, and my symptoms of various ailments (in particular Eczema, amongst others) seem to be permanent.

Finding a solution for consistently better health and healing disease

Then I thought, what if I converted all my bad food cravings into good cravings?

The substitution of foods for healthier ones is not a new concept. But at that time there was too little culinary knowledge or training available to me. Certainly not enough to up-level my cooking skills with nutritional foods that would make me healthier than I was.

I knew everyone was trying to eat healthier or consume a more plant-based diet. So the information was out there. I just wanted knowledge that was beneficial for my specific nutritional and cooking needs. I was intent on finding it.

So, I continued reading as many blogs and health, and wellness websites about foods, recipes, and nutrition.

After that, I started an intensive culinary nutrition course with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. It set the wheels in motion.

My interest in this course started with wanting to bake with gluten-free ingredients. But it revolutionised my entire eating style and cooking technique.

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Contact me directly, I respond in 24 hours:

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A new passion for understanding my food and why it’s good for me

As a result, I created this website which illustrates my cooking and eating philosophy, that being to eat foods with nutritional benefits for health and healing.

It is also about understanding those potential healing qualities and learning new cooking techniques beneficial to heart health, skin health, and gut health just to name a few.

For example, I learned how to maximize good fats by cooking only with oils and butter (ghee) that had healing qualities, instead of promoting high cholesterol or weight gain.

This may seem like everyday info that is nothing new right now. But at that time it was amazing to see how eating and cooking thoughtfully made me rethink and appreciate what was already familiar.

Enhancing those foods and adding nutritional quality is my goal with my cooking. This blog website is to offer my take on a cooking and food philosophy that will inspire you all over again.

Think of it as a refresher or for those that are new to cooking with healthy food, a go-to place for all your nutritional/healthy cooking needs.

I hope that you will be inspired by my articles even if you are not a home cook or chef.

Feel free to reach out to ask a question, give us some insight about a topic or just say hello.

Work with me:

Contact me directly, I respond in 24 hours:

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