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Prepping tools & gadgets

Eco-Friendly Dishcloths

This is brilliantly absorbent replacement for old-school spongy dishcloths – you know, the kind one uses to dry the the excess water? This is much better and prettier too!


I love the chic design and colour of this kitchen composter. It’s a got a great wall and cabinet mount. Plus, it’s odor-blocking too, a serious prerequisite for this kind of zero waste kitchen equipment!

Kale stripper

This Kale stripper makes prepping any kale dish so effortless. Separating kale leaves is one thing I like to do efficiently with as little food waste as possible. This tool works well and it doesn’t take up too much space!

Ginger peeler

If you’re a newbie cook or just short on time, you need this tool. It peels, grates and minces ginger with minimal effort. Even if you have expert knife skills, I highly recommend having this gadget on standby as it’s inexpensive too.

Avocado holder

Do you hate discarding avocado because it’s gone all brown? Squeezing lemon juice works well but it’s not as effective as keeping it in a sealed holder like this one. This storage container makes your avocados last longer. It’s worth having if you’re meal prepping in advance.

Veggie holders

These are delightful and perfect for saving your conventional containers for storing actual cooked meals.

Lemon Juicer

Always keep a container filled with freshly squeezed lemon juice in the fridge. It saves you time and effort when you need it for nutritional cooking. Instead of squeezing by hand, you simply squeeze and rotate. I use this version at home and I promise you don’t need a fancy mechanical one as this one works perfectly!

Vegetable Spiraliser

This gadget helped me ditch gluten-loaded pasta. It’s so easy to create vegetable spaghetti (zucchini) and it’s really changed my life. It also does so much more – see the features for spiralising cucumber, onions, cabbage, carrots and beetroot.

Chef Knife – Santoku

This is a very popular knife for home cooking. I have two sets of chef’s knives, but this is the one I use for everything, every day. The small size santoku is a great addition too!

Glass Food Storage

Always opt for glass if you can afford it. It’s more hygienic and environmentally friendly. Despite the BPA versions out there, I personally find glass odour-free and they look great to serve straight out of – this is not only a time-saving way of serving meals, but you’ll cut down on extra dishwashing and save water. And it’s 40% off now!

Turntable organizer

This storage solution for your packaged foods and ingredients is space saving. It is more effective than pulling out a rectangular box to see what’s inside and it works great in the pantry as well as in the bathroom and cleaning closet.

Vegetable Chopper

This will really enhance your meal prep and cooking technique, if you’re not a fan of manual chopping. Not everyone’s into knife cuts and that’s ok. This is a whole lot safer. And when you’e cooking straight from after work, it takes the stress out of meal prep. You can chop all you vegetable ingredients in one go without having to empty out the container, no matter what the recipe.

Gummy Bear Silicone Molds

Love these cute molds. You can make lots in one go and play around with colours and flavours.

Silicone Non-Stick Gummy Trays

These are a great investment because you can use them for hard candies too – just try to make them as healthy and sugar-free as possible. Otherwise, use these for delicious fruit juice gelatine gummies.

Blender & Food processor

This is definitely my favorite kitchen tool/equipment. It’s that kind of thing you take everywhere, no matter where you’re living, it takes pride of place. That’s because it’s a healthy cooking tool that can save you time and most of all, MONEY! Budget-living is my style, so trust me when I say this will change the game for you.

Instant Pot

It’s no surprise that this is a best seller! It does it all and best of all, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I love the one-touch-cooking options, when you need it. But, there’s so much more to try: It does the expected pressure cooking, so use this for all your ‘one-pot-wonder’ meals. It will slow-cook and cook rice for you. You can also make yogurt, steam and sauté, and of course, keep food warm.

Chopping Hand Guard

Safety is always important, no matter how experienced you are in the kitchen. Use this inexpensive tool to safeguard your fingers while slicing, shredding or chopping fruits and vegetables.

Mandolin Slicing Tool

Chopping or slicing can be very hazardous if you need ultra thin shavings or slices. Stay safe and stress-free with this popular kitchen gadget. You can use it for different types of fruits and vegetables. It is fully customisable and adjustable to suit your recipe requirements and also comes with a free pair of cut-proof gloves.

Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder

It’s hard to resist the effortless chic factor of this gadget set. And it will be worth every penny – being on sale and all! – because you will be using this kitchen essential everyday, throughout the day. Especially if you’re a home cook, so get it now while the price is slashed at 30%

Digital Airfryer

This version is an amazing upgrade if you started off with a basic airfryer. For starters, it’s digital. It’s a convection oven, dehydrator and rotisserie. And best of all, it’s 42% off now. This is perfect for healthy cooking, go get it!

Nutritional recipe books

Clean eating recipes

This is a great recipe book for clean eating in general. Lots of versatile recipes that generally promote allergen-free cooking and food consumption.

Eczema – healing recipes

An insightful book that offers much more than just generalised allergen-free, anti-inflammatory recipes and nutritional advice. Eating plans and recipes are based on amine-and salicylate-free ingredients. It’s a good read if this info is new to you. It may give you insight into possible allergens you might need to exclude or eliminate from your diet if you’re trying to heal eczema.

Nutritional health books

Eczema – treatment & eating plans

A great reference that offers much more than just generalised allergen-free, anti-inflammatory recipes and nutritional advice. It’s a good read if this info is new to you especially if you need to know which foods trigger eczema flare-ups. It will also give you insight into possible allergens you might need to exclude or eliminate from your diet if you’re trying to heal eczema.

Study Nutrition and cooking

Academy of Culinary Nutrition

Academy of Culinary Nutrition

This well-researched, thorough course is well worth the time, effort and financial commitment. You’ll meet so many people who are on the same path if you’re looking to learn to cook with healthy whole foods and ingredients or even become an instructor too. The atmosphere is lively, friendly, inclusive and really life-changing. You can take my word for it…I graduated with honours from here!

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