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If you’re trying to lose weight, snacking can be one of the biggest obstacles. It’s all too easy to reach for a bag of chips or a candy bar when hunger strikes between meals. Here are 25 weight-loss snacks that don’t interfere with your goals.

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Photo credit: Pexels/Unsplash | Graphics: Crave Nutritional Cooking

Maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging, especially if you’re someone who loves snacking. However, snacking doesn’t have to be detrimental to your weight loss goals.

With the right ingredients and recipes, you can enjoy delicious and healthy, weight-loss snacks that will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some weight-loss snack recipes that I know you’ll crave – all of them have a good balance of sweet, salty, and spicy, so lots to choose from.

Here’s a round up of 25 weight-loss snacks:

1. Almonds – the best nut for weight-loss snacks

Always eat raw and unsalted. Almonds have so much nutritional content. They are high in Protein and Fibre. Almonds also contain Iron and Vitamin E. But they are well known for their good fat and oil content.

2. Roasted Chickpeas – an amazing plant-protein

Chickpeas are an excellent vegan source of protein and fiber, making them an ideal ingredient for weight loss snacks.

To make roasted chickpeas, drain and rinse a can of chickpeas, then pat dry using a paper towel. Next, coat the chickpeas with olive oil and sprinkle over your favorite spices (try smoked paprika or cumin). Now roast in the oven at 400°F for about 20-25 minutes. Once golden brown and crispy, it’s ready to snack on!

3. Dark Chocolate – yes, you can eat this for weight-loss

70% Plus, dark chocolate is high in Magnesium. This is an excellent snack that can promote deep sleep and relaxation and helps with reducing anxiety.

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and can help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.

4. Apple Slices with nut butter smear

Apple Slices with nut butter smears cashew or almond butter. You can also use seed butter. Seed butter has fewer calories but watches out for salicylate sensitivity in some.

Apples are packed with fiber and antioxidants, while nut butter is an excellent source of healthy fats, iron, and protein. As a combo, it’s a deliciously healthy snack!

Cut thin slices of apple and spread out on a plate. Spread only a tablespoon of nut butter onto each slice. Top with some cinnamon powder for a sweet flavor.

If you have a salicylate sensitivity to cinnamon, you can omit that.

Here’s another option: Drizzle maple syrup or raw honey over the nut butter instead. Now sprinkle over just a few flakes of rock salt for a sweet and salty hit.

5. Grapefruit

This fruit is high in Vitamin C and Fiber. Great for immunity, gut health, and weight loss because the fibrous content will keep you fuller for longer as well as prevent constipation.

Here are some lovely breakfast and snacking recipe ideas:

6. Grapes

If you are allergic to salicylates or have acid sensitivity eat a more alkaline snack such as celery or banana instead.

But if you’re not, here’s why grapes are great to include in your list of weight-loss snacks. It’s high in antioxidants. It can help alleviate constipation because fiber increases the rate of movement of stools in the colon.

It’s also a natural source of the sleep-promoting compound Melatonin. Important to consider rest, relaxation, and suppressing the release of cortisol – the hormone we associate with stress and possible weight gain.

Here’s a deliciously healthy version of Candied Grapes:


  • 2 cups of fresh grapes – green ones work the best
  • 1.25 cup of Xylitol sweetener in granule form
  • Juice of 1 lime


  1. Line a baking sheet with a silicon baking sheet
  2. Wash, rinse and pat the grapes dry with paper towel
  3. Put the grapes into a glass bowl and pour over the fresh lime juice
  4. Toss to coat the grapes with the lime juice
  5. Let it rest in the fridge to absorb the juice for flavour. 15 minutes will do it
  6. In another glass bowl pour in the sweetener granules
  7. Pour in the grapes and toss around with a spoon to coat each grape. Make sure each grape is coated evenly – looks better
  8. Now arrange each grape onto the baking sheet, with enough space between them
  9. Carefully place into the freezer for 2-4 hours
  10. Once time has lapsed, remove and enjoy.

Cook’s notes:

Best eaten immediately. But will last in the fridge for up to 4 days – I doubt they’ll last that long! Keeps in the freezer for up to 3 months, in a sealed container to avoid freezer burn.

7. Chickpea Hummus – loaded with protein

Chickpeas are a great source of plant-based protein, fiber, and other nutrients. One cup of cooked chickpeas contains almost 15 grams of protein, 12 grams of fiber, and 80mg of calcium. It can increase satiety, aid digestion and so regulate blood sugar levels.

It’s also a good source of Iron, Folate, Phosphorus, and Magnesium.

Chickpea hummus is a delicious dip-style condiment made from chickpeas, tahini (made from sesame seeds), olive oil, lemon juice, garlic cloves, and salt and pepper.

Chickpea Hummus Recipe:
  1. Rinse and drain one can of chickpeas.
  2. Place the chickpeas, along with garlic, lemon juice, tahini, and olive oil in a food processor.
  3. Blend until smooth or your desired texture.

8. Oatmeal – or raw oats

Oats are a fantastic food for weight loss because it has loads of Fiber and is a low GI food. Consuming oats daily has resulted in some eaters having a smaller waistline and lower BMI according to research5.

So, although it has tons of carbs, fear not, it can aid in slimming down in a healthier way, one that has longevity.

Oats are also very low in sugar – only 1% is derived from sucrose6.

As a snack, the best way to eat oats is in a:

  • small portion of Granola
  • mini Berry Crumble
  • mini Smoothie
How to make berry crumble in the microwave:
  1. Place mashed banana, raw oats, cinnamon, vanilla extract and almond meal (or chopped) into a mini ramekin.
  2. Pour over fresh blueberries. Sprinkle lightly with coconut or maple sugar.
  3. Microwave for 1 minute or until berries have released juices.
  4. Remove and squeeze fresh lemon juice over. Mix crumble and berries to coat with juice / sauce.

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Photo credit: Unsplash | Graphics: Crave Nutritional Cooking

9. Air-popped Popcorn

Popcorn is high in Fiber and low in calories. One cup of air-popped popcorn contains around 30 calories, making it a great option for weight loss. And a cup of air-popped popcorn contains around 1 gram of fiber, which can help regulate blood sugar levels and support digestive health.

Even if you’re not on a specific weight-loss eating plan, this is an excellent healthy snack option.

10. Greek Yoghurt – ‘full-fat’ is healthier than ‘low-fat’

A ‘low fat’ label on a yogurt may imply that it’s less harmful but often contains much more sugar than the full-fat Greek option.

What manufacturers take out (sugar and salt) is often replaced with artificial, not-so-healthy ingredients meant to compensate for what was removed. So rather go for the Greek one, it’s natural and is great for gut health as it helps build up good bacteria.

Yogurt is a great source of probiotics, protein, and calcium.

Make a yogurt parfait by layer some plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries, and nuts, and drizzle it with raw honey or maple syrup. Sprinkle over some granola to add a crunchy texture

11. Red Bell Pepper – can help to reduce chronic inflammation

Bell peppers, in particular red ones, have much more antioxidants than their yellow and green counterparts. It also contains Quercetin (the yellow and green ones also have it), a natural antihistamine that can reduce the chronic inflammation induced by allergies, for example, Eczema.

Bear in mind that these pepper contain a moderate amount of amines and salicylates, which are natural chemicals found in the skins of certain vegetables.

Some people are allergic or sensitive to this. So, get yourself tested for it or do a simple elimination-and-reintroduction test at home.

Buy a pack of ‘snacking‘ bell peppers for this. It ususally comes in a pack with green, yellow, orange and red ones.

12. Pear and cottage cheese

Pears are delicious and very alkaline, making them easy on your gut health.

Gut health is so important in weight loss as it’s all tied into your eating habits and stress levels – stress eating, comfort eating, and cortisol release impact weight gain. This is a thought-provoking book on the mind-gut connection if you’re interested in learning more.

Make this pear topping a vegan one by using honey or maple syrup-flavored cashew cream cheese.

13. Kale Chips – weight-loss snacks that’s better than potato chips

Kale is a nutrient-dense leafy green vegetable that is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

One cup of kale contains more than your daily recommended intake of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as calcium, potassium, and iron.

14. Cucumber boats filled with hummus

You can use cucumber crudité served with hummus. Another alternative is Celery crudité with dairy cream cheese – or better yet, replace it with vegan cashew cream cheese.

Cucumber and celery are low-calorie vegetables that are high in fiber and water content, making them a healthy and nutritious addition to any diet.

Cucumber water contains zero calories and is high in antioxidants, and also contains important minerals like Calcium and Magnesium.

Cashew Cream Cheese recipe:


  1. 1/2 cup of cashews soaked overnight or 2-6 hours in filtered water – if you’re pressed for time, add 1/2 cup of extra water to the mixture to help break it down easier
  2.  2 Tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  3.  2 Tbsp Olive oil
  4.  1 Tbsp Coconut sugar
  5.  1/2 tsp of sea salt or pink salt
  6.  1/4 cup of filtered water


  1. You can use either a blender, liquidizer, or food processor for this. I find that a food processor is best for larger quantities.
  2.  Drain the cashews.
  3.  Place all ingredients into a blender, except the water. Add the water 1 tbsp at a time. When I first made this I made the mistake of adding in all the water at once and it became a cream consistency. *A rule of thumb: “You can always add in, but you can’t take out.
  4.  Pulse to get everything moving. Then start blending at a low speed.
  5.  With the feeder open, add in the rest of the water 1 tbsp at a time until you get a cream cheese consistency.

Blender & Food processor

This is definitely my favorite kitchen tool/equipment. It’s that kind of thing you take everywhere, no matter where you’re living, it takes pride of place. That’s because it’s a healthy cooking tool that can save you time and most of all, MONEY! Budget-living is my style, so trust me when I say this will change the game for you.

Cook’s notes:

  1. Stop the blender/processor intermittently to scrape down the sides – no food waste!
  2.  Will keep the fridge for up to 4 days.
  3.  Remember to store it in a glass container for freshness and hygiene.

Cashews are a great source of Calcium. Even though we have enough of this essential mineral in our bones, it is still required to consume it through foods to meet a sufficient daily intake of it.

They also contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and health-protective beneficial plant compounds. Similarly to nuts, cashews may promote weight loss, blood sugar control, and heart health.

15. Cherry tomatoes and hummus

Cherry tomatoes are a great source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and folate.

They are also high in antioxidants, which can help protect against cellular damage and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

How to eat: Chop up tomatoes and sprinkle over a thick spread of hummus. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle some sea salt flakes and black over to taste.

16. Baby carrots with cream cheese

Baby carrots are a great source of vitamin A, which is essential for healthy vision, immune function, and skin health. It’s also high in Fiber, which can help promote satiety and support digestive health.

Carrots overall are excellent for weight loss and I eat it daily in a carrot and red lentil soup.

Carrots have really helped me keep excess weight off and maintain a slim appearance, which is a great naturally thin look.

17. Healthy Gummies

This is a delicious and healthy sweet snack, perfect for keeping in your desk drawer at work. But, it does contain pure fruit juice, so to keep the natural sugars to a minimum, by consuming it in moderation.

If you want the recipe for your kids, here it is. Enjoy making them and get them to help too!

18. Mini smoothie

This is pure liquid nutrition and I recommend atleast one smoothie per day. Making it at home is cheaper, even if you have no choice but to carry it to the office or on the school run in your travel mug.

Smoothies are high in protein. They will be loaded in fiber because you’d most likely add in oats, fruits, veggies, etc to your smoothie recipe.

So, I don’t recommend you have this snack mid-afternoon leading up to your supper of dinner.

Pure protein snacks or a herbal tea are better options because they won’t ruin your appetite and keep you fuller for longer.

Leave space for your nutritious supper or healthy dinner.

19. Toast topped with fatty fish

If you are really pekish mid-morning, opt for this weight-loss snack.

Use a gluten-free seeded toast or rye cracker bread. Top with fatty fish like sardines or pilchards. These fish are heart-healthy and loaded with Omega-3 Essential fatty acids.

Omega 3 is a potent antioxidant and can reduce inflammation. It’s also known to be beneficial for mental health. So it’s great in times of stress. Or when the mental game of staying the course of weight-loss starts to get you down and you’re anxious about eating or not eating. This is the EFA you want to include a lot of in your weight-loss diet.

Try to keep this to one slice only. This is a snack after all, but hopefully you won’t feel the urge to binge.

20. Edamame

Edamame is another great source of protein and fiber.

Roast them in the oven for a delicious and crunchy texture. Coat frozen edamame with a bit of olive oil and sprinkle over your favourite seasonings (try garlic powder or chilli flakes). Bake in the oven at 375°F for 15-20 minutes, or until crispy.

21. Trail mix

Inspired by granola, consume this type of snack in a small portion. Some nuts and seeds are high in calories but also high in beneficial fibre, vitamins and minerals that are important for weight loss.

5 oats recipes that add variety to your breakfasts; baked granola spread out on baking sheet; chia seeds, cashews, raisins, rolled oats, raw almonds all coated with maple syrup
Photo Credit & Graphics: Crave Nutritional Cooking / Homemade Granola

So it’s important that they are part of your weight-loss meal plans. It’s also the easiest snack to eat on-the-go.

Make convenience a big part of your meal-prep strategy because wherever you can eliminate stress, the quicker you reach your weight-loss goals.

22. Savoury avocado

This can be a few slices of avocado seasoned with a spice mic of ground chilli, cayenne and mustard powder. Or mash it up for a Guacamole and dip some low carb veggie sticks into it.

Avocado is very high in antioxidants and Fiber. It’s also high in Omega 3 EFA and Vitamin E, read more here.

Avocados are high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated healthy fats that can help reduce inflammation, and lower cholesterol levels.

It’s a good source of dietary fiber. A medium-sized avocado provides around 13 grams of fiber, which can promote feelings of fullness and reduce appetite, reducing overall calorie intake.

Avocado holder

Do you hate discarding avocado because it’s gone all brown? Squeezing lemon juice works well but it’s not as effective as keeping it in a sealed holder like this one. This storage container makes your avocados last longer. It’s worth having if you’re meal prepping in advance.

Veggie holders

These are delightful and perfect for saving your conventional containers for storing actual cooked meals.

23. Olive & Watermelon

This combo is loaded with nutrition and it’s one we don’t associate with everyday snacking on-the-go. It usually take pride of place on a charcuterie board with wines and desserts.

Famous in Mediterranean cuisine, olive are nutrient rich especially in Olive oil which is rich in Oleic Acid.

Watermelon is 92% water, making it a good source of hydration. It’s also rich in nutrients such as vitamins A and C, and potassium.

24. Turkey and cheese

Roll a slice of turkey (not the deli-type) with mozzarella or a vegan mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella is a Keto-friendly, low carb cheese with only 1g per ounce.

Turkey is low in fat and rich in protein, Vitamin B and minerals such as phosphorus and selenium. It’s also a Low GI food so it won’t cause your blood sugar to rise and drop quickly.

25. Chia pudding

Make a batch ahead of time, it will last in the back of the fridge for up to 3 days.

Chia seeds are famously high in Omega 3 EFA, which are important for brain function, heart health, and reducing inflammation in the body. It’s also a good source of plant-based protein, which can help reduce appetite, increase feelings of fullness, and support weight loss efforts.

I learnt a great hack for using chia seeds in a pudding, one that makes much more sense. If you’re put off by the gloopy texture of whole chia seeds after they’ve soaked in a mixture, use this hack instead. It will give the smooth mouthfeel of a chocolate mousse once combined with water.

Other weight-loss snacks

  • Hard boiled eggs are also a popular snack for weight loss, but I’m not recommending it for my snack list because it has been linked to heart health issues like arterial stiffness. So, to keep that out of the equation, stick to the options above.

As mentioned, remember to consume nuts (also in granola) in moderation as they are high in calories, but excellent for its fiber and healthy fat content.

two food containers containing meals prepped in advance, chickpeas, sliced avocados, rice and coriander leaves
Photo credit: Unsplash | Graphics: Crave Nutritional Cooking

How to prepare budget-friendly weight-loss snacks

There’s no need to stock up on expensive pre-packaged snacks. Try to meal-prep, from scratch, as many weight-loss snacks ahead as possible. Do this on a Sunday night and have them ready for each day of the week.

Buy produce and ingredients in bulk so you can divide and store in individual portions.

Here’s my FREE download of Healthy Swaps!

Best way to meal prep the healthiest salad; photo of white plate with colourful chopped cucumber, tomatoes, basil leaves, carrot discs and brown quinoa.
Photo & Graphics credit: Crave Nutritional Cooking

You can also create your own eco-friendly, homemade packaging for each snack. This is a great opportunity to reduce food waste by prepping in advance and using less plastic.


Snacking can be a healthy and enjoyable part of your weight loss journey.

By incorporating nutritious ingredients and creative recipes, you can satisfy your cravings while also staying on track with your goals.

Try these weight-loss snack ideas. You’ll see that healthy snacking can be delicious and doesn’t have to interfere with your weight-loss goals.

If you liked the meal prep tips in this article, you’ll love this one about staying healthy on a weight loss journey.

Leave a comment, I value your feedback!

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